Tamara McArdle
DVM, DABVP (canine & feline practice)

relief veterinarian for Albuquerque, NM

email: ReliefVet@TamaraMcArdleDVM.com
call or text: 518.309.2281
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Please note: Because of COVID-19 my availability is currently limited (for the mostpart) to Fridays through Sundays only. Please contact me in regards to any dates you are looking to have covered. Based on current information and in accordance with NM's statewide mask mandate, I am only scheduling with practices that are working strictly curbside with all staff members wearing masks both inside AND outside the clinic. Additionally, I am trying to limit myself to visiting no more than two different practices in any given two week period. This is for your safety as well as mine.

October 2020

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Note: If you require last-minute coverage because of an emergency I can sometimes make accommodations so please feel free to call even if the calendar says I am not available.